And as she laid dying...
Some unexpected delays

Sorry for missing past week's update guys, I was hoping I wouldn't fall into missing updates so early since comeback, but I got some web developing projects that have been consuming my time >_< There's a slight chance I won't be able to make this week's strip, I'm really sorry, but I promise you WILL have those strips ;)

Until then, sorry again!

Host Maintenance

Um guys, just to let you know our comic host is undergoing maintenance, which doesn't allow me to upload any comics for the time being. I'm not really sure for how much time, but I'll upload Friday 11th's comic when the host is fully back up(:

Also, to all ComicFury users, there's a small design flaw in the layout (I forgot to add a subscribe button :P) regarding the menu, but I'm working on a sliding menu to be able to fit everything in less space. Meanwhile, you can subscribe by going  here.

Better late than never(:

Hello everybody! I'm very happy to announce the official re-opening of Bonk! A Team Fortress 2 Comic(: Things went quite crazy for a while, which forced me to, first, stop updating without any warning, and  then to explain everybody what the hell happened. Well, good news is that I'm finally fully back, and with some news.

First of all, as you may have already noticed, we got a new layout. This one's cleaner, less crowded, and overall looks better. I think there are still some minor bugs here and there, like in the archive page, but will be fixed pretty soon.

Second, and probably the most important one. You may be wondering what is happening on Bonk's first comeback comic, and I'll explain. Basically, I decided to start the plot all over. I think I may have said this before, but I had always been making up the story as i made the comics, which wasn't very efficient, and led to many plot holes and continuity issues in my head. To solve this, I decided to restart the plot all over(:

You can still read the old archive and plot in the archive page, but the new "real" plot starts on our first chapter, "Dawn of a RED Sunset". This time, I have it more or less planned, and this time the story will be focused a lot more on, let's say, suspense and drama, and stop relying so damn much on toilet humor and the like. We'll still have funny moments, of course, but I just wanted the plot to be a little mroe serious, focusing more on each of the character's past, personalities, desires, etc. Overall (and hopefully), we'll have a far deeper and interesting plot which will be more enjoyable both for you guys and me(:


Well, that's all for now, and if you're one of the guys who's followed this comic project o'mine for a long time now, I just want to apologize ocne again for the delay(:


Enjoy the new, revamped and pimped Bonk 2.0!


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