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A Father's Love
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Author Notes

Zephirot93 Bonk's comeback comic! I'm really glad to be back, and with an all new and interesting plot! As I said in the latest blog post, you can still read the old archive and plot, but this is the new "real" one, so I hope you guys enjoy the new plot(:

Now, who's this mysterious man, you may ask? Where's the Administrator? Well, those are some of the new secrets, but let's just say ol' Admin was never the one who controlled it all.


Butt Hunter Welcome back to the land of the updating, Mr. Z!
Magravan WELCOME BACK!! :) Also, love the new layout, it's very awesome :D
FPB Awesome layout, man :D
Onecanofsprite HOLY-
FFAA great layout mate, congrats on your comeback. the brown background doesn't fill my screen (17inch) entirely, you may want to look into that!
Jrade I want to subscribe...but can't! Oh no!
Jrade Could you...could you put it in?

I mean, I'm guessing you're working on some elaborate integrated button - but for the time being, could a text link on the bottom suffice?

For that matter...can I just get it right through the url?
Zephirot93 Sorry it's taking so long! But yeah, in the meantime, you can subscribe by clicking here. (:
I'll add the link to the latest blog post, just in case.

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