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Ol' Boston Style.
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Author Notes

Zephirot93 I was planning to upload this yesterday, but for some reason, I couldn't...


Fine, fine, my mom took the computer away when I was finishing the dialogues .____.
My computer's got THE BLUE SCREEN OF DEATH, so I have to use her laptop meanwhile.

In other things...lots of HONK! :P
Don't you love when you're stuck in a traffic jam and people just honk endlessly, knowing that it won't make the car in front move any faster?
I'm sure the Scout doesn't xD
And yeah, I know I've been centering the story too much around the Engineer(YOU GUESSED RIGHT, IT'S MY FAVORITE CLASS...) and the Scout(I just love his attitude :P), but don't worry, everyone will have his moment, like the Pyro, he's been an ascending star since the last strip :P

Be sure to check back every now and then since I don't really have an specific day of the week for uploading new strips.
Au revoir!

Zephirot93 Bien, para lolwut...k tiene k ver el team fortress pirata cn subir los comics? Digo, los comcis los hago cn garrys mod no con team fortress xD y apart subo dos veces x semana, no speres k suba todos los dias porke hacerlos toma tiempo y tambien tengo una vida :P


Zephirot93 Wow I could add the banner! :D
LOLWUT esta chido pero tardas mucho en subir otra cosa deberias de comprarlo origi di no a la pirateria. (solo aplica con tf2)
Cake_Party ol' boston style xD
Zephirot93 Plz leave some comments and feedback.
LOLWUT se pero para tener los modelos de los personajes necesitas tener el tf2 y ambos sabemos q no lo tienes original asi que as una contribucion al juego al comprarlo lol
Hellsrider haha hell yeah good ol boston style!
Charmape I *LOVED* the 2 girls 1 cup reference :D
Kalegiro Hahahahaha!!!
“Oh God! She ate the poop!“

Me está gustando mucho tu cómic; me subscribiré y toda la cosa xD
Guest 2 girls 1 cup xD
Fucking genius, fav'd.
Shinchan56798 lolz they watched 2girls 1 cup
crazyguylink LULZ!!!!! This is way beyond extreme! I LOVE IT!!!
Maggie Genius 2 girls 1 cup reference! Made me ROFL. I'm looking forward to more of this!
JasonDeroga I gotta check this one out, this strip was funny as heck. If you don't mind my asking, were you inspired by the YouTube video G Mod...something?
Shoprocks Okay, now I understand why Scout was riding a ballooned bathtub in space.

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