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Oui, ils sont...
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Author Notes

Zephirot93 Sorry for the late upload, examns started on Monday and have kept me kinda busy.
Now I'll have to work extra time to finish the enxt one on time .___. You guys should have it by Friday or Saturday.
Now, I finally got a better image quality, don't know exactly how i did it but I'm gonna try to fix the quality on previous ones too(:

In other news...
A simple post in a forum made this thing rise from 203 views (highest registered) to over 900 IN ONE MINUTE! And I kept refreshing the page and it kept increasing :3
Now the highest number of views registered in a single day is 5,523, and in total it has 8,930 views :3
I know it might not be a lot for experienced authors, but for 1 week and a half and 4 strips, I think it's okay :P

Thanks to everyone who has supported and enjoyed this comics!

- Zephirot93


Hellsrider Damn the heavy sure is having
and the scout...well he kind of is THAT smart

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